Johanna, Paule & Liselotte
is a graphic designer
and visual artist based in Paris.
We are three in my hea


Project Initiated by Marie Gagnon.

The double page spread was designed by Johanna, Paule et Liselotte.
Poem by Jade Morice-Deylon, Femme, 2019

Photomontage, Illustration


Questioning what it means to be a woman in France in 2019. Experiments on the notions of gaze, identity crisis, gender and sexuality. The poem by Jade Morice-Deylon was specially chosen for the subject and gives soul to the project. The text and the image then try to respond to this, without stepping on each other.

Marie Gagnon wished to implement a collaborative and committed work with the creation of a fanzine. This one deals with the question of truth in relation to the notion of femininity and feminism. What does it mean to be a woman in 2019? How do we perceive the world and how do we want to transform it, when it comes to living with injunctions, prejudices and lies related to our status as women. 

"In this edition, I have asked women around me to bring their own vision of how to move away from the truth. All of them, in an extremely singular way, were able to raise true nuances through this vast theme". M.Gagnon