Greetings card of gyro:

greeting cards / 2019
Concept / Art Direction

For this end of year the agency Gyro: Paris asked our class to fulfill their wishes for 2020 as a communication operation.

We started with an observation relating to happy new year messages: they are too often repetitive, cold, sanitized and impersonal.
At Gyro, we are human, we work with humans and we intend to assert this humanity.

Concept :
Our idea is therefore to demonstrate that the agency was anything but robotic and sanitized, through personalized wishes - one per client - and humanely addressed.
This transmission of wishes is materialized thanks to a human relay via social networks.

There are two important points in our mechanics: the personalization of the wishes for each customer and the human relay which will concretize this notion of humanly relevant. So, we propose to place greeting stickers near the offices of Gyro customers: But rather than using sanitized words we will push the robotic aspect with a message in binary language which will have to be deciphered by augmented reality

Client : Gyro: Paris

©johanna_paule_et_liselotte . PARIS. GRAPHIC DESIGNER. 2019