Concept / Art Direction / Redaction

Problem : 700,000 students in France are victims of harassment. The witnesses, those who are watching the situation, do not really know who or what to believe or how to act.

Insight : Some witnesses tend to minimize violence by rationalizing or finding excuses such as humour to "de-dramatize" a situation that makes them uncomfortable.

Concept : The idea is to divert the phenomenon the "meme" : visuals from the internet, they are the symbol of a common culture. Investing them makes it possible to communicate with a young target group (12-18 years old). The mechanism proper to the "meme" is the diversion of the meaning of an image by the addition of a caption. So we finally propose a meta-diversion.

Message : For some it is a joke, for others it is a reality. Don't ignore harassment: denounce it!

Role: Social Media / Strategy / Communication / Graphic

Client : RespectZone